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Thread: aspect ratio in avi's

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    aspect ratio in avi's

    Could anyone tell me what settings to use in ffdshow to get fullscreen avi's on the mvp. I have a widescreen tv. I am in the uk so need pal settings.
    I have tried setting the resize to 720 * 576 but this plays letter boxed on the tv.
    I have tried 640 * 288 but then some of the picture is of the screen.

    Also i have the osd set up in ffdshow, this is just of the screen as well, does this have something to do with the screen settings within gbpvr.

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    Am i right in saying that when watching a dvd on a dvd player the player will expand the horizontal resolution to keep a correct aspect ratio.
    Does the mvp do this also.

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    It's on the "MVP and AVIs" thread, as well as the "Anyone has tried Avisynth" one
    For NTSC it's 640*480 (if you have alightning fast CPU) or 352*240
    So I suspect for PAL it's 640*576 and 352*288
    Also, for NTSC, the FrameRate has to be 29.97. 23.976 Framerate causes audio desynchronization. So I suppose you have to make sure your FR is 25 for a PAL MVP.

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