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Thread: Videomate DVB T300 or Hauppauge Nova T PCI

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    Videomate DVB T300 or Hauppauge Nova T PCI

    I am in the UK and I want a DVB card but I want it to work properly with GB-PVR. Which of these is the best supported?

    The Videomate one says it supports Microsoft BDA but I dont even know what that is.
    Do they both use the 'BDA Recording' in the capture sources and is that better than the 'WDM Software Recording' thing?

    Thanks alot.

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    Hi Paul

    I have the T300, and although the product itself is very good, I had some trouble getting GB-PVR to work with it.


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    No idea about the T300 but the Nova T and remote work very well for me after reading up on these forums and installing the best drivers & multiplex filter.

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    Yep the nova-t works well with gbpvr and can still be had for £39.99 if your in the uk.

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    The Nova T is a tried and tested performer and is definately the 'safe' option. Not too many bells and whistles but 'does what it says on the tin' I've happily used the PCI and USB versions in the past. Great compatibility and performance and good price at PC World online (39.99)

    Can't speak for the T300 but I have a T200 in my system at the mo and I'm very happy with it. The picture quality is excellent, it's HD ready, anologue inputs, low profile, very stable and has the nifty PC on/off feature. It worked with GBPVR straight away for me and is the same price as the Nova.

    Both good cards for the money but the T200 is the reason my Nova is in the cupboard
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