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Thread: Comclean with dvd filles

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    Comclean with dvd filles

    I have a dvd stand alone unit
    my questions is
    now that i have some old files that are burned on to dvd
    is it possible to edit out the comercials with comclean

    the files are in VOB on the dvd+rw


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    Yes you can but its rather cumbersome.

    First you have to convert the vob to mpeg with a dvd ripping tool (don't ask me how)
    Then you run comskip on the mpeg to scan for the commercials.
    Use the debugwindow to check if the commercials are detected at the right places. If needed you can identify the exact positions by manually scanning the file in the preview mode of comskip and manually edit the .txt file.
    Then you run manually comclean on the mpeg with the generated or edited .txt file identifying the commercials.
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