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Thread: Upgrading PVR 250 to 500MCE - FM-Radio problem

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    Upgrading PVR 250 to 500MCE - FM-Radio problem


    today, I've upgraded to the new pvr500 mce KIT.

    WOW! GBPVR works great with the two tuners.

    Now I've set up the second card to MCE 500 with FM radio and the first to MCE 500.

    I'm using radio-channels from the german cable-net.
    With the old PVR 250 all channels are working great, but the scan doesn't find any channel.
    So I've manualy set up each channel with the listing of my cable-provider (germany). (URL to the list:

    With the new PVR500, the channels are not correct:

    - Some channels are mute
    - I can hear two channels with a bad quality at the same time.

    It seems, gbpvr can not tune exactly to the right frequency. To test this, I've added my PVR 250 card as third tuner. When this is the only fm-tuner-device, all channels works correct. But I've sold this old card to ebay and must remove it tomorrow.

    What can I do to test the fm-radion ?
    Is there another application that can use hauppauges tuner or can I reconfigurate something in gbpvr ?

    Thanks for help!


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    Now it works


    now, the search-function in the forum is no longer "timed out" :-)

    The new german version of pvr500 mce KIT has the fm-tuner on device #1. This works great!


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