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Thread: Considering Second Mvp

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    Considering Second Mvp

    I have an MVP on the TV in my bedroom which is connected to the PC in an adjacent room with a crossover cable. I like it (with GBPVR) so much that I'd like to connect the 32" TV in the family room downstairs. I think I can run the cable through the heating air ducts to get there.
    My question is, how do I go about hooking up a second MVP. I'm guessing that I'll have to buy a router and connect the router to the PC with an ethernet cable. What do I connect both MVPs to the router with, crossover or ethernet cable? What's this gonna cost me?
    Second question, can two MVPs be playing videos at the same time?
    Thanks in advance

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    You'll need an ethernet switch and three straight-thru ethernet cables, one cable each for the MVP's and one for the PC. I've found D-Link switches for about $10 for 5-port units. There are other brands as well. Be sure to get a 10/100 switch. Connect both MVP's to the switch and the PC to the switch and you'll be in business. I think the D-Link units will accept either cross-over or straight_thru cables. You could also use a multi-port router but you really don't need it and they're usually more complicated to set up. A switch is just plug and go.

    And yes, you can run both MVP's at the same time with different shows on problem.

    Hope this helps...

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