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Thread: No video, but audio, when viewing on external monitor

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    No video, but audio, when viewing on external monitor

    I have just downloaded and installed gbpvr on my laptop. My laptop display is set for 1024x768 while my external monitor (through VGA) is 1600 x 1200. I am using the WinTV PVR USB2.0.

    When I run gbpvr on my laptop display, I get live preview working in both the video and audio aspect. However, when I try to get it running on my external monitor (which is really where I want it) I can still hear the audio, but the screen is black.

    My WinTV works without issue on either display.

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    I had the same problem trying to output video streams to my secondary display from my desktop. Once I enabled theater mode in the video properties, all was good.

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    Since I can't find any reference to "theater mode" in the gbpvr, I assume you mean this is a Display setting parameter within Windows? I should have added that I am running XP Pro and using the Extended Desktop feature so that I can literally drag windows across.

    I've even tried to change the resolutions so that they match... still no luck. And if I try to run the live preview window in the external monitor first, I don't get any video OR audio. If I start it on the laptop display it works fine, but as soon as I drag it or send it to my external CRT I lose the video.

    Again, it works fine with the bundled WinTV s/w.

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    GB-PVR doesnt know, or need to know, anything about second monitors or TV-out's etc. This is a feature of your video card drivers, and if working on your laptop, but not on the tv out, then its because of the way you've configured you video device, or a bug with it's drivers.

    Again, it works fine with the bundled WinTV s/w.
    Its probably because the default for GB-PVR is VMR, wheras the WinTV software uses Overlay. This probably means your video card drivers can display Overlay on the secondary monitor/tv out, but not VMR. Try switching GB-PVR to use Overlay, or try updating your video card drivers.

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    It took me longer to find where the Overlay setting was than to read your email.

    That's what it was! Works like a charm.

    Thank you.

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