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Thread: DVD Root Menu

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    DVD Root Menu

    Is there a keyboard shortcut to jump to a DVD's root menu? I have a DVD that starts out playing a 30 minute clip before it goes to the main menu. I've been fast-forwarding through it, but it would be much better if I could just jump to that menu.


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    Ctrl-B, the blue key on the hauppauge remote. Be warned some sections of DVD insist on being played, usually copyright/pirate warnings. I cant change this.

    The skip key can also be useful to skip through these: ctrl-[right arrow]

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    anydvd will automatically skip a lot of the warnings etc (its not free, but a good program). just install it and any dvd player should support it (gbpvr does) you dont need to do anything special to get it to work, just enable it in the anydvd app, thats it.

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