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    Anyone Heard of

    Hello all,
    Last night i missed an episode of my favorite show "the Amazing race" And forgot to set the pvr to record it. I usually just use what i call "the bittorrent vcr" and grab it off of the net, but from the shows homepage, i found a link to It is a paysite, and doesnt give a whole lot of information as to the legality (probably not, but then again, neither is Google tells me nothing about it, i cant find any reviews, etc, etc. But they are linked from a lot of well respected sites.
    It also looks like they have some sort of kazaa/bittorrent/emule client thing, so they arent generating their own content.
    Anyone know anything about this site?

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    I wouldn't pay a dime for someone else to get the same content from BT or wherever.
    There are a TON of scam sites like this, selling stuff they got for free.
    There's even a scam site SELLING GB-PVR! (I'll look for the link).
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    Most don't let you search and see that they in fact have it, so the scam starts there, because they want money first.

    Avoid, unless you can find a reputable review (cnet, etc).

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    Thats what i was thinking. It reeks of scam.
    But the links from sites i trust threw me for a loop.

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    I dont know if anyone has discovered this or not, but most likely IS bittorent! Their registration screen are completely identical. I thought i had be redirected to

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