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Thread: Schedules Direct EPG Translation

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    Schedules Direct EPG Translation

    Hey All -

    I took a first stab and doing some translation for those of us who use Schedules Direct EPG data in XBMC. This requires The XBMC NPVR addon version 1.6.5 to work.

    XBMC will only use the primary genre as provided by Schedules Direct/NPVR for coloring and will not use any sub/secondary genres. This can cause some things to be colored incorrectly (for example a TV show with the category medical getting colored as if it were an educational show on medical stuff) but I don't think theres much that can be done about it for now.

    With the above in mind I basically took any SD category and put it into the color/genre that seemed to be the best-fit for most cases. We only need to translate genres which can appear as the FIRST category for any SD EPG listing so I probably have some things listed here which will only ever appear as a sub-genre but since I wasn't sure I listed it anyhow.

    NPVR will always put the "Movie" genre as the first category for all movies but will otherwise leave the first category unmodified. This is nice because all movies are guaranteed to get the correct color for movies and we can use other categories such as "Drama" for TV shows since the only thing likely to have a category of drama, other than a movie, is a TV show.

    Currently supported colors/genres by the XBMC EPG are noted in the comments at the top of the file, this may vary between skins but it seems to be the default for most skins and it is definitely what is currently used for the Confluence and Aeon Nox skins.

    This is a first stab and I probably didn't capture every possible genre which can be supplied by SD as I was working with the current set of listings I have. As far as I can tell there is no documentation which lists every possible category that schedules direct can use so I will add/categorize new genres as I come across them. I am also very open to see if other people can make some adjustments to get more accurate genre translations to make this file something useful to everyone using SD/NPVR/XBMC

    Please note: the attached file is saved as a .txt file because the forum would not let me upload a .xml file. To use it it must be renamed with a .xml extension and placed in your NPVR data directory (e.g. C:\Users\Public\NPVR).

    XBMC Color Translation for Schedules Direct EPG Sources
    XBMC will only use the primary genre as provided by NPVR for coloring
    and will not use any sub/secondary genres.
    As such any category which is used as the first category for an EPG 
    item should be categorized as best as possible.
    NPVR will put the "Movie" genre as the first category for all movies
    but will otherwise leave the first category unmodified.
    Currently supported colors/genres by the XBMC EPG are:
    0	Other/Unknown	Grey
    16	Movie			Orange
    32	News			Light Green
    48	TV Show			Yellow
    64	Sports			Red
    80	Child			Cyan
    96	Music			Green
    112	Arts			Blue
    128	Social			Light Grey
    144	Science			Purple
    160	Hobby			Light Purple
    176	Special			Light Blue
    192	Other/Unknown	Grey
    208	Other/Unknown	Grey
    224	Other/Unknown	Grey
    240	Other/Unknown	Grey
      <!-- XBMC Unused Category #0-->
      <!-- XBMC Movie Category #16 -->
      <genre name="Movie" type="16" subtype="0"/>
      <!-- XBMC News Category #32 -->
      <genre name="News" type="32" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Bus./financial" type="32" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Community" type="32" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Consumer" type="32" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Environment" type="32" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Interview" type="32" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Newsmagazine" type="32" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Public affairs" type="32" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Politics" type="32" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Weather" type="32" subtype="0"/>
      <!-- XBMC TV Show Category #48 -->
      <genre name="Show" type="48" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Animated" type="48" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Anime" type="48" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Comedy" type="48" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Comedy-drama" type="48" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Crime" type="48" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Crime drama" type="48" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Drama" type="48" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Entertainment" type="48" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Fantasy" type="48" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Game show" type="48" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Horror" type="48" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Miniseries" type="48" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Mystery" type="48" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Reality" type="48" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Romance" type="48" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Science fiction" type="48" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Sitcom" type="48" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Soap" type="48" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Standup" type="48" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Action" type="48" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Adventure" type="48" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Docudrama" type="48" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Historical drama" type="48" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Romance-comedy" type="48" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Suspense" type="48" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="War" type="48" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Western" type="48" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Sports non-event" type="48" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Sports talk" type="48" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Auto" type="48" subtype="0"/>
      <!-- XBMC Sports Category #64 -->
      <genre name="Sports event" type="64" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Auto racing" type="64" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Baseball" type="64" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Basketball" type="64" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Dance" type="64" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Fishing" type="64" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Football" type="64" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Golf" type="64" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Hockey" type="64" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Horse" type="64" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Martial arts" type="64" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Playoff sports" type="64" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Pro wrestling" type="64" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Soccer" type="64" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Tennis" type="64" subtype="0"/>
      <!-- XBMC Childrens Category #80 -->
      <genre name="Children" type="80" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Children-music" type="80" subtype="0"/>
      <!-- XBMC Music Category #96 -->
      <genre name="Music" type="96" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Music special" type="96" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Musical" type="96" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Musical comedy" type="96" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Holiday music special" type="96" subtype="0"/>
      <!-- XBMC Arts Category #112 -->
      <genre name="Art" type="112" subtype="0"/>
      <!-- XBMC Social Category #128 -->
      <genre name="Talk" type="128" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Variety" type="128" subtype="0"/>
      <!-- XBMC Science Category #144 -->
      <genre name="Science" type="144" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Animals" type="144" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Biography" type="144" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Documentary" type="144" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Educational" type="144" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Health" type="144" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="History" type="144" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Law" type="144" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Medical" type="144" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Nature" type="144" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Paranormal" type="144" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Parenting" type="144" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Technology" type="144" subtype="0"/>
      <!-- XBMC Hobby Category #160 -->
      <genre name="Hobby" type="160" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Arts/crafts" type="160" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Collectibles" type="160" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Computers" type="160" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Cooking" type="160" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Dog show" type="160" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Exercise" type="160" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Fashion" type="160" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Gaming" type="160" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Home improvement" type="160" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="House/garden" type="160" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="How-to" type="160" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Outdoors" type="160" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Travel" type="160" subtype="0"/>
      <!-- XBMC Special Category #176 -->
      <genre name="Special" type="176" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Anthology" type="176" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Awards" type="176" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Fundraiser" type="176" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Religious" type="176" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Shopping" type="176" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Spanish" type="176" subtype="0"/>
      <genre name="Self improvement" type="176" subtype="0"/>
      <!-- XBMC Unused Category #192 -->
      <!-- XBMC Unused Category #208 -->
      <!-- XBMC Unused Category #224 -->
      <!-- XBMC Unused Category #240 -->
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