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Thread: 2.5.9 available (1 October 2012)

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    So is this the latest release? I read something elsewhere in this forum along the lines of...if you downloaded Oct 1 you need a patch but not if you downloaded Oct.2. Thanks

    Quote Originally Posted by sub View Post
    You can download 2.5.9 from

    If you're new to NextPVR, see the list of pre-requisite software at: (directx runtime, visual c++ runtime etc). If you're upgrading from an earlier build, you need to make sure you stop the NextPVR software before installing.
    Please post any support issues in the support forum.

    This release is a fairly small upgrade from the previous 2.5.5 release. It's largely a rollup of the 2.5.5, plus latest patches, plus changes in the client/server support to allow xbmc clients. From the change log:

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    This is the latest ... it was updated a few hours after it was first released and now includes the first patch from here ...
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    you only need the patch if the end-times of your completed recordings are incorrect; if they're right, then you have the slightly later release which includes the fix. Either that, or you live in the GMT time zone so the bug would have no effect.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sub View Post
    I've never built it on iOS.

    The code is pretty generic and works on both Linux and Windows. In theory the code should be fine for use on iOS too, but it may need an xcode project file created or similar.
    I've never built on iOS either. Is'nt iOS strictly Objective-C? That may be the biggest problem, needing the whole projekt to be migrated.

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    No, iOS apps can use more than just Objective-C. You can just use regular C/C++ on iOS devices. You need to be using Objective-C if you want to use Apple's SDK functions, but the addons don't need to do that.

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