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Thread: NPVR 2.5.9 - Current Patches and Getting Started info

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    NPVR 2.5.9 - Current Patches and Getting Started info

    Current patches for 2.5.9 - see post #2 for getting started and other reference info

    Cumulative Update - March 4, 2013 - NPVR 2.5.9 Post-R2 Rollup 2:

    NEW - Self Installing Version courtesy of skl111:

    Included files:
    03/04/2013  01:12 PM           667,648 NextPVR.exe
    03/03/2013  06:08 AM           451,072 NShared.dll
    02/25/2013  06:43 PM           121,344
    02/25/2013  06:27 AM           859,136 Unmanaged.dll
    02/14/2013  08:42 AM           230,912
    12/28/2012  09:15 AM           163,328 NUtility.dll
    ANY NPVR USERS EXPERIENCING PROBLEMS SHOULD INSTALL THE CUMULATIVE PATCH UPDATE AND RECREATE THE PROBLEM BEFORE POSTING A SUPPORT REQUEST. These updated files represent the latest version of NPVR code, and may include other changes not documented, so your problem may already have been fixed. Also, other later patches you may find posted by sub may fail if all your NPVR program files are not up to date. (no, it is not necessary to install any patches before upgrading to a new release of NextPVR - unless otherwise stated, you can upgrade from any release of NextPVR to any later release).

    === NPVR 2.5.9 Post-R2 Rollup 2 includes updates 1-39 ===
    1. End-times on completed recordings incorrect -
    2. fix "device failed to start" with Technotrend device:
    3. fix some scheduled recordings not highlighted red in tv guide:
    4. fix audio source selection on Colossus:
    5. clean up live tv buffer files being left by xbmc add-on:
    6. add Danish "Analog Video ind" pin to pin detection fall-back list:
    7. improve duplicate recording detection logic:
    8. correct hang on channel change with hd-pvr/colossus:
    9. fix issues with deleting recordings from XBMC client:
    10. fix some PID's not being detected during QAM scan:
    11. make "all channels" recurring recordings respect Exact Match setting:
    12. correct time issues with recurring manual recordings:
    13. add Brazilian Portuguese analog video in to pin detection fall-back list:
    14. Add Live TV Timeshifting support for XBMC:
    15. Show audio source selection per channel for Colossus/HDPVR:
    16. Correct problem with audio source selection on Colossus/HDPVR:
    17. Clean up buffer file when using digital radio:
    18. Support particular TBS DVB-S/S2 device:
    19. Improve UI descriptions of recurring recording types:
    20. Correct problem with diseqc switching:
    21. Add option to toggle SRT subtitles in non-.ts files:
    22. Support audio via HDMI on HD-PVR2 & correct related UI bug:
    23. I dunno, something to do with listing non-.ts recordings?:
    24. Delete .nfo files when deleting an empty recording folder:
    25. Select correct AC3 audio stream:
    26. Allow NPVR PC-Client to pull media/show images from server: (released privately; superceded by patch 35)
    27. Allow NPVR PC-Client to pull media/channel icons from server: (released privately; included in R2 update)
    28. Add "http://x.x.x.x/lineup.xml?show=unprotected" listing for HDHR Prime: (released privately, but included in later updates)
    29. Correct hang after pausing livetv in XBMC:
    30. display preview images on more Recordings screens:
    31. correct dialog display issue:
    32. force 1080i for AverMedia CaptureHD device:
    33. Correct various issues with recordings scheduled from XBMC:
    34. Channel changer exe not being called in some cases:
    35. Allow NPVR PC-Client to pull media/show images from server:
    36. Add additional progress messages to manual EPG update: (released privately, included in R2 update)
    37. Fix issue with XBMC deleting an in-progress recording instead of canceling it: (released privately, included in R2 update)
    38. Post-R2 Rollup patches:
    39. Fix "-2:50" LiveTV problem (introduced by Post-R2 rollup):

    [*] this patch requires additional steps to make use of the added functionality (usually a setting in config.xml); see the linked post for info.

    It should be noted that patches are listed generally in chronological order, but not perfectly so. The thread a given patch is posted in may contain additional information on exactly what a given patch was intended to do, and may also contain information on additional settings required if you wish to use the functionality provided. Finally, not all patches actually fix what they are supposed to, but the changes usually remain in the file going forward, so they are listed as part of the update history.

    Installation Notes These "patches" are simply replacement files for the existing NPVR program files. You should extract them and copy them over the existing files; the default directory is C:\Program Files\NPVR. If you are running Vista or 7 and have UAC enabled, you will likely need to do this from an elevated command prompt or explorer window. To get an elevated explorer window, go to All Programs->Accessories, right-click on Windows Explorer and select "Run as Administrator". Now, within that explorer window only, you are the Administrator.

    Before installing patches, you must exit NextPVR.exe, shutdown the NPVR Recording Service and close the NPVR Tray Icon (using the "Stop NPVR Service" icon accomplishes both).

    I recommend that you restart your system after installing patches. I've seen numerous cases where the Recording Service is not able to restart properly due to a socket error. You can check your NRecord.log to see whether it did or not, or just reboot to be safe.
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