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Thread: Need some emergency bat file help

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    Need some emergency bat file help

    I was hoping to get newa transcoding working before going away so I could watch the formula 1 in france but I don't think I will be able to do it. As a backup I am trying to copy recordings into a folder for automated processing while im away.

    I urgently need a simple postprocessing bat file that will copy all recordings while i'm away into a separate folder where they will be recoded for download.

    I'm close but running out of time, so has anyone got any good examples of simple postprocessing files. I don't really understand how to call the file i want to copy-don't understand the syntax needed.
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    the full file name (i.e. F:\Recordings\ShowName\ShowName_20130312_20002100. ts) passed from NRecord that you want to copy is just %1:
    copy "%1" d:\recoding
    if you want another file to go with it, like a comskip .edl file then:
    copy "%~dpn1.edl" d:\recoding
    %~dpn1 just means "use the drive letter, path and name of the file passed as %1, but not the extension", which then allows you to provide a different extension.

    I'm assuming from the way you worded your request that you already have something running that will see the file copied over and automatically transcode it? or do you mean you need the postprocessing.bat to do that too?
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