@ oyci3c

look into it.

IMHO you have had loads of advice on this already. As per my initial post in response as followed up there would always be a question as to why you were trying to do something so unusual. Of course this is the best and friendliest forum on the web.

But as I suspected from the outset after you quoted it was a:

personal software project
well is that the case honestly? How personal is this:

Few persons will take those 15min pieces and look for a specific marketing material
Marketing material?

I would take a little look at:


and make sure what you exactly mean?

I am a very boring person, so sorry if I have mis-understood you. But I think you do need to be a little clearer on is this really a personal project.

The word Marketing rattles me, and am sure may be rattles sub who goes to great lengths to make this software free for personal use. I am bored and rattled. Sorry everybody. steeb got in a mood.....

cheers all that know me and put up with me!...