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Thread: Channel changer? (which are good and small).

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    Channel changer? (which are good and small).


    Fairly quick questions, which channel changers are good (and small), i thought the Hauppauge HVR2250 have one or is that a receiver on the card?

    I am looking for something physically quite small, something i can just stick over the front of the Sat receiver would be nice, i know of the USBART box, however this looks kinda large.

    My server is in a Cabinet (32U computer rack) and doesn’t really have space for boxes, the Sat receivers will create a problem, however would like to look at a few of them.

    Also i assume i would set up the program / settings devices page for “channel changer” part of NPVR channel guide setup?

    Ive never needed to do this so its all new.
    Many Thanks

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    from what i remember, the 2250 has a standard Haupp. blaster/receiver on board...wire plugs directly into card on non-mce kits..
    there should be 2 ir leds on the wire, one is receive,one is blast.. smallest available i believe..
    most blasters have very small blast ir leds that plug into main receive unit, it's the receive part that might be larger..and if not needed, then hide it behind the system..

    i believe you may have to redo your channel lineup in npvr, others can speak better about that tho...
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    Yeah, the USBUIRT is large, and that device can blast across a whole room, but I have mine tucked in the back of the media centre as it has 2 external output plugs too.

    I just plugged in mono 3.5m - IR lens which i had from an old wireless video sender, so they are only 10mm long x 5mm, so overly large. They are also IR transparent, so don't get in the way of normal remote use.

    Plus, due to it's 2 outputs, you can send the IR commands independently to diff stb's
    With the usbuirt, you do need your own program to control the blaster.
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