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Thread: Long time supporter wanting to come back!

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    Smile Long time supporter wanting to come back!

    I used GB-PVR for years with Analogue tuners with great success. Since the switch to DVB-T HD in New Zealand with the dodgy support for our audio I switched to Windows Media Centre. I was having problems with audio going out of sync and glitches which I didn't have using media center but I'm sorely missing the fantastic Client/Server support in GB-PVR/NPVR. I can watch recordings from the bedroom with media center but I can't view the guide or schedule recordings etc without switching to a browser interface and the one I use is very poor at managing conflicts. I also miss the reliable overlap recording with multiple tuners - I've got this working pretty well on Media Center 7 but no where near as reliable as GB-PVR was for me.

    What I'd like to know is how usable the Analogue support is - I need to be able to have one source from a Sky TV set top box to record Sky for the occasional Rugby game and lots of Kids Nick/Disney/Cartoon Network with an IR Sender. I have this working flawlessly on Media Center 7 using two dual tuner Hauppauge DVB-T cards and one dual tuner Hauppauge Digital/Analogue card. I'm using the AV inputs on the second tuner on the hybrid card to capture from the set top box, this drops me to 5 DVB-T tuners when recording sky but thats plenty and with NPVR's support of multiple recordings from the same Frequency would mean I'm flush for tuners.

    I'm using a WinTV HVR-2200 PCI-e and 2x WinTV Nova-T-500's (I think they are Nova-T's from memory - they are dual DVB-T with one antenna input)
    Running on an i5-3450, 4GB Ram, 320GB SATA2 for O/S and two 500GB SATA3 Seagates in a stripe to increase write performance.

    Please give me some advice, I'm missing the features and the great community!

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    If you don't have Hauppauge WinTV installed it can certainly be tricky setting up analog, but after the setup, it will be pretty much the same. experience that you had in GBPVR. The community will certainly help you through the tough part. However there is a bug with some analog tuners that sub is aware of causing very big files and lost recordings that might be fixed in the next release, that could affect you. I remember reading that there might be a general problem with your DVB-T tuner in NZ though I'm surprised you don't see it in 7MC.

    The support for HE-AAC audio with LAV and DivX decoders is also pretty good and they give you more options than you would have had before.


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