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Thread: Bad Recording Detection

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    Bad Recording Detection

    I would like to request a feature to detect bad recordings. I have an HDHomeRun Prime, and occasionally I get the error that nothing was recorded. It would be nice if the software could recognize there was a recording error, and reschedule the recording for later. Alternatively, it could automatically spawn a new tuner recording (if available) to try to catch the remainder of the show.

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    This is a feature that I have wanted as well. I've found that the problem isn't that the tuner isn't working, but that windows isn't communicating properly with it. I'm forced to restart NPVR services or reboot.

    Now if the problem could be isolated which is causing the problem in NPVR, then I think we'd have a lot fewer lost recordings. I also found that my recording problems seem to only occur when it's coming out of sleep mode. It's not every time but probably half the time. So is windows causing a problem with NPVR, or NPVR having a problem with windows sleep?

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