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Thread: Access NEWA via the web

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    Access NEWA via the web

    Hi I'm new to this I have the latest NPVR 2.4.3 installed and upgraded to NEWA 1.25 everything works well within my network. Problem a rises when I try to connect to NEWA from out side my network. Firstly how do I do it? What are the settings for connecting externally? I know what my external IP address is and what my internal IP adresss is do I simply put the two together? eg http://external ip/internal ip:8866/guide.aspx
    Please help.

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    You have to sort out port forwarding within your router. This is where a certain port number that an incoming external connection comes in on gets routed to a certain IP address (and port) within your local network. Router differ a bit in how it looks to setup. It can be a problem testing this out as you have to come in on an external IP address to test it.

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    You will also want to make sure that your firewall on the server has your NEWA ports (defaults - 8866 for NEWA and 7648 for VLC streaming) to external network traffic.

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