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Thread: FAVI Entertainment Wireless Keyboard

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    FAVI Entertainment Wireless Keyboard

    Has anyone used one of these or used a similiar product for about the same price?
    Right now I have a full sized wireless keyboard & optical mouse I use in the living room.
    Not a total pain to have that set-up, i'd just like something smaller & one piece like this.

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    I have the Rii remote keyboard that looks exactly like this and it is the best mini keyboard I've used, and it is quite responsive. The touchpad for the mouse is small but it is works. Neither are as good as the real thing though I think of it for occasional typing but I like with NextPVR for text when I also use the remote.

    My only issue is you can't really type with your thumbs like on a phone or tablet. It is also missing the F9 key which I do use in NextPVR. Because it needs to be charged with USB you have to plan your charging and not let it wind down.

    There are two model standard USB and Bluetooth. I got the USB to use with my NMT and with linux (headless XBMC) but you might prefer Bluetooth with Android devices.


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    I have one as well - if you look up tomtop you can get it from there cheaper (seems shady but it is legit) there are several more interesting new models as well.


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    Thanks for the info guys

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    Just got one in last night.
    running apps from the desktop with it is a major step up over using the ottoman as a mouse pad.

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