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Thread: Disable Sony Vaio XP media center

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    Disable Sony Vaio XP media center

    Tryiing to use Sony media center remote to type view guide with live tv. Guide button also starts WMC 2004. Sony's Vaio versions of services only has Media Center Schedules Services. Not sure if I need to turn off some other Sony services since no other Media Center Services are listed?

    Is there another way to get around this problem?

    Edit: Possible Solution follows. Any comments on what I did? It seems to work.

    Use Run... services.msc, stop the following services if necessary and then Disabled
    Media Center Scheduler Service
    Sony TV Tuner Controller
    Sony TV Tuner Manager
    Sony TVTA Manager

    Use Run... msconfig
    Selective Startup
    unchecked ehtray under Startup Items

    Rebooted machine. Dialog warning about msconfig chanages, I set to not show.
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