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    Samsung BD E5500

    I purchased a Samsung BD - E5500 yesterday in preference to the WDlive as it was cheaper and offered a lot more for the money, thanks for the advice.

    I struggled yesterday trying to replay the Freeview HD TS files player reported that "codec was unavailable" , I telephoned Samsung who were helpful but were not aware of a problem, I updated the firmware to this weeks version but the problem persisted. Gave up yesterday thought about it overnight and this morning saved the file using VRD as an MP4 .

    Eureka Mp4 plays with sound via the Samsung, the A110 is still silent.

    Time to retire the Popcorn.

    Martin thanks for your help.


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    I know this doesn't help Hansol, but for anyone else in the UK, I can report I am very happily using 3 x A110s and DVB-S2 with BBC 1080p broadcasts (freesat channels), no noticeable video stutter. Sound from the A110s is either via HDMI into the TV or from the analog outputs from the A110 itself. My network is wired. The only things I've had problems with on the A110 over the network are full bandwidth BD rips of a few movies (lots of stutter), and dodgy menus on some DVD-Rips. TV recordings playback with no problems and seek OK providing the original signal was good. I'm using NPVR 2.4.3 with WHS2011 and a TBS 6984 Quad tuner.

    Having been a long term GBPVR and now NPVR user I can honestly say that I find the NPVR 2.4.3 / MVPMCX2 / A110 combination the most stable network PVR setup I've used. One of my PCH's occasionally locks up, but it's actually an EHP 606 that I re-flashed and that might be to blame. I have far more lockups with the Win7 NPVR PC client I also use.

    Hats off to Sub and Martin


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