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Thread: Couple Of Failed Recordings Since Rebuild

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    Couple Of Failed Recordings Since Rebuild

    Rebuilt the HTPC with Vista after 4 years of GBPVR / NPVR service and have had a couple of failed recordings.

    First one was on Tuesday when I think the computer went to sleep a couple of minutes before it was due to wake for a recording - and stayed asleep

    Second was last night - Set Lemmings to record and put computer to standby. Computer woke and started recording. NPVR & ndigitalhost logs show all was well but nrecord log shows a second resume 50 mins after the start.
    The resultant Video was only 11 minutes long which is the time that I have set for the Unattended Resume timeout in the registry (I am trying not to use MCE Standby Tool this time)

    Is there something I have missed on the new install -Interact with desktop or something (I have PBS's Activate Awaymode installed) or is Unattended resume not honoring stay awake requests from NPVR?

    Maybe I need to put Fullresume.exe in a wake bat?

    Good Job the film turned out to be in french - I would have been in serious trouble otherwise

    NPVR 2.4.3 patched to No7 in the sticky

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    It does sound like your machine is not honoring requests to stay awake. I've never really had to resolve these types of issues myself, so I'm not well placed to advise diagnosis steps.

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    Something similar crops up occasionally and has happened to me several times but not for several months. I had a reboot scheduled for 02:30 and the only reason I knew it was missed was because a recording due to start at 02:35 failed. On another occasion it went to sleep just after it started recording. In each case the computer was awake immediately before the scheduled event but went to sleep just as the event was due to start. Looking at the logs a Windows scheduled event happened about the same time. I have not been able to explain the problem but put some of it down to “unfortunate coincidences” where a “Wakeup” is missed while the computer is going into “Sleep”. I used Hibernation instead of Sleep for a short while and that definitely does loose wakeups which happen while the computer is in the process of hibernating.

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    hmmm, it may be my awaymode util, there may have been things changed in npvr since i made it..[db] i haven't been using it lately so not sure..
    the awayamode util may have not known when the recording was scheduled to stop so may have let it go to sleep earlier than supposed to..
    i'll have to revisit it's use and see what's not working..been a while..

    after looking at source, it only enables away mode when status=1 [recording now] so it shoud be all good.. [i doubt that part has changed]
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