1. In Beyond TV when a program is new, but you missed it and still want to record, it is in a NEW status for maybe a week I'd suppose.

In NPVR it will only record on the first chance for that show, but if I missed the program from Sunday for instance and yet still want it to record since it replays numerous times, I will have to specifically pick it to record separately. In other words it's still a new show, just not the first instance of play.

I'm not sure if this is a flag for that show detail as new until the next episode plays or if this is part of the processing being done when the data is being read into the guide.

2. In the guide data, is it possible to show the shows which are scheduled to be recorded? This way I know that it is in my queue. One problem is in the chance that the show is set as a recurring recording, but not set to record since it is old, or previously recorded. A different color or some other type of notation. In BTV, the show is flagged with a N for new recordings besides the name of the show, and has a slash through it if it was already recorded. In addition, an A will display if it's set to record all, but again if it were previously recorded or scheduled to record later in the week due to conflicts, it would have a slash through it as well. Also, all shows which are NEW and not even scheduled to be recorded, have the word NEW next to the name in RED. It's nice when you're trying to add new shows to your system and can easily pick them out and add them to your Recurring Recordings.