i finally found a way to map bluetooth headphone keys to proper keys on any player you wish..
Needs: IrServerSuite, a bluetooth device with play/ff/rw keys, bluetooth stack s/w with AVRCP profile support...

Connect your device and pair it, and enable stereo audio services, including avrcp.
Open windows media player and play a audio file, check to see if keys work in media player..if they don'twork there it's not likely they will with irss..
install irss, run 'keyboard input relay' program, run translator.exe, click 'new', hit key on bluetooth remote, map to appropriate command for npvr...
[map to same npvr cmd as regular remote would use..]
the key is to start the 'keyboard input relay' as it will pickup the keystrokes..

i'm using it in XP with Asus 'class 1' bt 2.1 dongle, it has excellent bt-stack/software, and 100 meter range, not 10 meter like most[class 2]..

Now i can pause/play, ff and rw skip with my headphones
It may work for bluetooth remote controls like ps3 one, but not sure..let us know if you try it out..