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Thread: ActivatePopup: SSPlus problem

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    Maybe - hard for me to know really.

    If you dont make any progress on it, and can reproduce it on a fairly basic skeleton plugin, send it over and I'll take a look at the code for you.
    It turns out that it has nothing to do with the renderlist...

    When you get 10 minutes, if you make the attached your default screensaver
    and allow the screensaver to kick in, then press Ctrl-Right, the onscreen timer will reset to zero. Approximately 60 seconds later, the plugin will be Deactivated, then Reactivated. If you change your InactivityMinutes to 2, it will happen about 120 seconds after Ctrl-Right is pressed.

    The code returns False to the Ctrl-Right OnKeyDown event so the keystroke can be handled by an underlying Plugin like Music.

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