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Thread: NEWA Release Build 1.25 Released 2012-04-10

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    NEWA Release Build 1.25 Released 2012-04-10

    Here is an updated NEWA Build 1.25 that contains the HTML 5 compliant jPlayer for Audio and Video player as well the Flash based player Flowplayer for both Audio and Video and a VLC Plugin player (requires VLC installed on the client) for Video.

    EDIT (2012-04-14): *You must apply the files in the main 1.25 post in the NEWA support sub-channel after installing the release. *It corrects an issue with logging into NEWA for those using the CSS based screens. *Also included another patch file for a random delete of recordings on CSS Manage Recordings screen.

    The HTML 5 jPlayer and Flash based Flowplayer video players are restrictive on what they can play. The files listed within your videos library will be filtered based on what the players can play. The VLC plugin player can play just about anything you throw at it and uses the built in NPVR video file extension filter.

    I think the Flowplayer audio player provides the richest user experience as an audio player but the jPlayer HTML 5 player isn't bad either. I didn't include a shot of the jPlayer Audio player since posts are limited to 4 images per post.

    Give the release a try and let me know your thoughts or problems you may find or recommendations you may have in improving the overall experience. There has been some limited beta testing of the release.....but I suspect there may be some issues that arise as more people begin using the features. Post any found issues in the NEWA Support sub-forum.

    They all show as tabs in can turn off ones you don't like in the Config tab.

    Flowplayer Audio Example:

    VLC Video Example:

    jPlayer Video Example:

    Flowplayer Video Example:

    Date: 2012-xx-xx Build Number: 1.25
    • UncleJohnsBand: Web Service Updates:
    • UncleJohnsBand: Application Updates:
      • Updated to latest jquery and jqueryui libraries.
      • Updated Details screen on Manage Recordings to correctly show the first run checkbox value.
      • Added several new audio/video players. Visability of tabs is defaulted to visible but can be turned off via the Config tab in NEWA.

      • Added HTML 5 based Audio and Video functionality
      • Uses jQuery based player jPlayer
      • Uses jQuery File Tree for library directory traversing
      • Audio Supported: MP3, M4A,OGA, WEBMA, FLA
      • Video Supported: M4V,OGV, WEBMV, FLV
      • Defaults MP4, OGG, WEBM, FLV file extensions to appropriate audio or video type based on player being used.
      • Best audio browser: IE, Chrome then Firefox. Chrome has issue loading album art when playing music. Firefox falls back to included flash fallback player.
      • Best video browser: Chrome, IE then Firefox. IE takes much longer to load video than Chrome. Firefox falls back to included flash fallback player.

      • Added Flowplayer based Audio and Video functionality
      • Uses Flowplayer
      • Uses jQuery File Tree for library directory traversing
      • Audio Supported: MP3
      • Video Supported: MP4, FLV
      • The Audio player interface for playing MP3's is very rich.
      • Due to the flash limitation only a couple of tpes of video formats will work.

      • Added VLC based Video functionality
      • Uses VLC browser plugin....Requires VLC with web plugins to be installed on the client PC.
      • Uses jQuery File Tree for library directory traversing
      • Video Supported: Just about anything. Using NPVR video format filter for file section filtering.
      • Double clicking on the video will take you to full screen mode.
      • Full sceen and volumne overlay only shows in fullscreen mode on IE. This is a VLC Activex bug.
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    Thanks for the great work, my mpeg4 avi's plays nice once I rename them to .mp4

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