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Thread: 2.4.3 available (24th March)

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    Hi Sub,

    Just wanted to let you know that I have completely switched over to NPVR. This is the best version of any PVR that I have ever used in the 5 years that I have been doing this. The tuning is exceptional. I have 2 2250's and a 1600 and I have never been able to capture as many channels as reliably, particularly the QAM channels. Thanks again for all your work.


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    I'll add my praise here - NPVR is extraordinarily reliable and useful. I ran GB-PVR1.4.7 for over a year without once having to pay attention to it. I upgraded my machine and the software over Xmas, and literally haven't done anything other than use it since then. The package is like an appliance, plug it in, set it up and use it. Really top notch.
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    You've got my vote, too, sub. Thanks for your efforts.

    I accidentally managed to "upgrade" Windows Media Center a month ago and lost 5 of my favorite channels. The channels I lost all have "converter required" on their website's channel list. With MC, that now appears to be true where it was not before, and is not in NPVR or MediaPortal. It seems to me that MS cooperates too much with the cable companies -- the "illegal" Do Not Record flag is the tip of the iceberg, I fear.

    So I installed MediaPortal -- nice looking, saw the channels I had lost, all good. But it's just eye-candy compared to NPVR. Freezes and crashes every day. Even got a BSOD a couple of times. Config is extreme.

    NPVR is VERY reliable -- that's the most important aspect of any piece of software. Features don't matter if the damn thing won't run. Since the fiasco with my deleting tuner devices was discovered, I've had no failures of any kind.

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    Thanks guys.

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