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Thread: Just:Retro (2n1) skin

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    Yes, I know but I ended like the "retro" grey look. I hadn't thought about this use of banner icons and your right they do work well.


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    Good point on the grey background it does work quite well & I don't mind it at all, in fact I could use it without a problem
    It is now a proper option for the next version.

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    I have just uploaded version 1.6 to the wiki

    15 August 2012
    *Updated for NextPVR 2.5.5
    *Added the new SelectRecordingForPlayback Selection Popup
    *Added the new ResolveConflict Selection Popup
    *Added the new SelectArchive Selection Popup
    *Updated the FindAll Popup
    *Updated the Recordings skin
    *Totally changed all the Setup batch files
    *Added Navigation Colour Options
    *Added Navigation Brightness Options
    *Added Navigation Font Brightness Options
    *Added Foreground Frame Options
    *Added 7 Row TV Guide with bigger font Option
    *Added skin for Files plugin (v1.0.4537.beta)
    *Added skin for TV Listings-TV Recordings plugins (v3.6.1)
    *Updated Plugin skin for MusicBox4 (v9.4)
    *Updated Plugin skin for SSPlus (v1.2.0)
    *Plus a pile of other changes I have totally lost count of.

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