I've just uploaded a new version of the TVListings plugin at the wiki.

- added TheMovieDB lookup
- fixed daymask for scheduling manual recurring recordings
- improved startup behaviour of recording panel
- added 'failure reason' for failed scheduled recordings to description string
- fixed an issue regarding start- and endtime calcualtion for manual recordings
- added option to update an existing image in \Media\Shows from the details popup
- using the stock npvr data for genre, audio-/video-descriptions and 'first run' information
- added status indicator image to indicate first-runs inside listings grid (enable/disable in skin file)
- added checkbox-selection of genres for categories popup
- added preview image for selected show details area on tv listings main screen
- taking 'WatchedKickInSeconds' from config.xml in account for playback positions
- fixed an issue where the recording schedule did not get updated automatically
- fetching the complete epg event prior scheduling now
- added logic to invalidate cached programmes after updating an image
- applied timezone corrections to calculation for recording now/next/soon times in panel
Please note the following when upgrading:
  • The new version contains skin changes, so please also update skin files
  • Since NPVR 2.3.6 now supports audio-, video- genre- and first-run-information from xmltv epg sources out of the box, the plugin uses these information, while the XmltvExtras utility is still used to extract the "icon" information for programmes from xmltv - so if your epg source supports icons, it's still recommended to use the utility
  • There's no need to overwrite an existing "TV Listings.db" database file during upgrade, however, the TV Listings.db3 database file will get updated when running the new XmltvExtras utility for the first time.

As mentioned, there's also a the version 3.2.0 of the XmltvExtras utility available for download at the wiki.
- stripped down functionality to only import "icon" attributes of programmes

Wiki page: http://www.gbpvr.com/nwiki/pmwiki.ph...gin.TVListings
Support forum: http://forums.gbpvr.com/forumdisplay.php?f=45