Now that I have a little bit of free time I am trying to get my Just:Retro skin tidied up to "full release (v1.0) state" & one of the things I have come across is that for the code below

	<Text visible="!@hasImage+@isFolder" text="@name2" location="2.5,8" size="93,86" font="IconName2Folder" outlineWidth="1" borderColor="NameFolderSelectedTextBorder" align="Center" valign="Bottom" wrap="true"/>
	<Text visible="!@hasImage+@isItem" text="@name2" location="2.5,8" size="93,86" font="IconName2" outlineWidth="1" borderColor="NameSelectedTextBorder" align="Center" valign="Bottom" wrap="true"/>
it honers the visible="!@hasImage+@isFolder" fine, but it still displays the text over the image for visible="!@hasImage+@isItem" when there is a "folder.jpg" in the directory.