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Thread: Installation next pvr on Dune HD smart D1

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    Installation next pvr on Dune HD smart D1

    How can I install the next pvr on the 'Dune HD smart D1'?
    I have already installed the next pvr on the eGreat M32A, this is working great.

    On the eGreat I have setup a network mapping (smb) to a share mvpmc, there I have load the index.html which is using mvpmcx2 to load.
    Hopefully you can advise because I have no idea how to load the index.html on the Dune HD smart d1. Unfortunately it will not open when I browse to this webpage.

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    The Dune's aren't supported. We exchanged a few email but it died at their end. A very nice units but they probably are outside the target price range for most NextPVR users.


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