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Thread: NextPVR UI Web Service

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    NextPVR UI Web Service

    - added some logic for accessing the NextPVR UI via html, using http://<server>:8866/touch/client.html. This is still quite rough at this stage, but hopefully will be usable example for people experimenting with rolling their own basic clients for smartphones or tablets or maybe Roku etc. You cant play music/video at this stage, but there is beginnings of support for it. If developers find this useful, then I'll take it further. Thanks Brian greatly improving the html/javascript.
    For those of you who may have spotted the above in the change log this is just to provide some further information.

    As sub says, it is a bit rough but it provides some interesting potential for new client apps. Probably of most interest for potential developers but I've created a page on the wiki which explains a bit more about how things work and the various scripts.

    Apologies to the Wiki keepers - I couldn't work out a better place to put it.

    I've created an Android demo app which works OK (bearing in mind this is all experimental) - see the end of the wiki page. It plays music and video on my phone but needs relevant 3rd party apps installed. I'll be providing some limited support but no promises.

    I've created a thread for developers and non-developers to provide a point for discussion...


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    Quote Originally Posted by bgowland View Post

    Apologies to the Wiki keepers - I couldn't work out a better place to put it.
    Hi Brian, probably because you put it in the best place for it

    great stuff.

    cheers steeb

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    now that is sweet!

    many thanx on your work on this..looks great! i predict big things...
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