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Thread: Good low-cost NAS with resilience (RAID5 ?)

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    New here - first post. Considering moving from my SageTV system to NPVR

    I highly recommend unraid. U can run an unraid 3 drive system for free. I currently have 4 1.5 TB drives and 4 1 TB drives running for all my archived recordings, DVD, bluray, etc.

    Unraid is optimized for media and really shines in that area. I have had 4 different blurays streaming to 4 tvs in the house while recordings HD were being recorded from hdhr, and not so much as a single skip or stutter.

    Unraid is a sorta psuedo raid 4 with a parity drive..

    Def check it out. It's pretty awesome. Bit runs my entire house media and my subsonic server.

    ~ PIX64

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    Quote Originally Posted by martint123 View Post
    I got one of the HP microservers with 100 cashback - like these It looks like the cashback offer is still on.
    Quote Originally Posted by ACTCMS View Post
    Does anyone know if one of these would run SBS2003 ?
    HP don't provide drivers for SBS2003, but the MicroServer thread on AVSForums gives reasonably clear instructions on how to get around that...

    Quote Originally Posted by ACTCMS View Post
    Well, I ordered one last night at about quarter to six (with free next day delivery) - it arrived first thing this morning...
    Bear in mind that last post was from 21st December 2011...

    Round about the end of August 2012, I installed SBS2003, stuck in two 2TB disks and put it back in the box...

    Sometime in November 2012, I took it out of the box, moved it up to the attic and switched it on...

    Yesterday, I moved most of my machines over to the new domain server - I've left one on the old server for the moment - just in case...

    Lazy bugger or what?


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