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Thread: 20 second loop

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    20 second loop

    Having an odd problem with NMT live TV. I get twenty seconds, then a stutter, then the same twenty seconds repeated, it keeps going round the loop until I hit the stop button. I tried with both the PCTV-T2 tuner on HD and the Hauppauge Nova-T 500 on SD with the same result, the tuner appears to drop out after the first twenty seconds (the LED on the tuner goes off anyway). Playing live TV on the PC is fine, as are recordings. This is following a full win7 re-install, then installed NPVR and mvpmcx2 using the dummies guide, this was a couple of days ago, it was working fine before the re-install. Logs attached, I tried watching HD, then SD on the NMT, then watched TV on the PC. I have tried restarting the PC and the NMT.

    I have a directory full of undeleted live TV buffer files if that makes a difference.

    Thanks for any help


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    Oops, no logs, hope this works.

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    Hi aardwolf2
    I had the same problem a while back
    Martin found the fix. Here is the copy from Martin

    The thing I like about NMT and MVP programming is being able to disregard the platform when it comes to problems that I don't have.

    @dave.t until the update is available if you create this registry key you probably will be ok.


    Use regedit and add the above key.

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    @aardwolf2, your error looks different then the one dave.t is referring to. The recording service stalls quickly capturing data during the NMT pre-buffering process and data capture never restarts. It might just be a temporary issue or possibly you need to rescan.


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    Thanks Martin, the channel list is from my saved setup files, I didn't rescan once I'd reinstalled, I'll give it a go tomorrow when I'm back in front of the pc.

    Dave, thanks for the info, I'll try martin's suggestion before going at the registry
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    OK, finally back in front of the PC and after a quick check through the logs I've found the culprit. It was the TV listings plugin, the recordings panel has a 20 second timeout, I unchecked "enable on MVP" and all is well

    Thanks for the help.

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    Glad, it's working now. Usually TV Plugins crashes on Stop when Panels are enabled and it needs to be turned off. I still think it was the file though, if you look at your web.log the file stopped growing at 8552496 bytes which will cause the looping you saw.


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    Thanks for the help as ever, the support compared to commercial products blows me away.

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