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Thread: BDA.INI and New TV Cards

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    BDA.INI for New TV Cards and GBPVR

    Thanks to Martin for providing the latest patches and Sub for his blessing to provide download for last GBPVR versio
    If anyone have descriptions for the fix of respective file, I will add the info.
    I have uploaded the patches to the wiki page and made a shortcut redirect link.

    Every now and then I get the question about how to get a new TV card to work with GBPVR and the TV card definition file BDA.INI.
    I wrote a short instruction once at the wiki

    This is NOT a support thread. Only working TV card sections for BDA.INI should be posted. I will include them into the BDA.INI and post the file.

    In this post I will update the BDA.INI to the latest one that I have.
    Update BDA.INI 2011-09-14
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