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Thread: PlayTV@P7000 by Pixel View

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    PlayTV@P7000 by Pixel View

    Is the Pixelview PlayTV@p7000 tuner card supported in GB-PVR?

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    I dont have one of these cards so its officially on the not-supported list.

    You could try turning off the live preview mode in the config app, it might help.

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    I originally had this card and it seemed to work fine with the GBPVR release I was using at the time. I think the only issue I had is that it would only record with a Constant Bit Rate (not VBR), but that didn't really matter to me. I did however change to a Hauppauge PVR350 card because my computer was too slow for MPEG2 playback.

    Overall though, I suggest that if you haven't bought the card, go for one of the Hauppauge ones as you'll find support from this forum to be better, and are more likely to continue working as sub evolves GBPVR.

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