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Thread: Display changer!!

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    Display changer!!


    I thought I would share this useful util. In order to get completely smooth playback, I need TV to output at 1080i @ 25hz. However, I need Blu Ray play 1080p @ 24hz to avoid any panning judder. However, with ATI drivers, this can't really be automated.

    This util can do it (download here!! You can set it as a custom menu item to change to 1080p on the fly, then launch PowerDVD. When PDVD closes, it changes back to 1080i. It can also do shed loads of other stuff via command line.

    One question. Does anyone have a magic script that can be used to close PowerDVD 7.3 with an MCE remote?? That's the last the last bit I haven't got worked out!

    Athlon XP 2800 > Asus A7N8X > Win7/64 > NPVR > Pinnacle DVB-T PCI > NovaHD-S2 for 28.2E > NovaS+ for 13E 19.2E > HD3450AGP: EVR/SAF

    Pent Dx2 2.8GHZ > Intel D945GNT > Win7/64 > NPVR > 2x Nova HD-S2+ for 28E / 13E / 19E > Nova S+ for 1W 5W > BGT3620 > HD3450 PCIe: EVR/SAF

    Metronic analogue for 19.2E

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    I ran into the same problem with powerdvd when launching from a custom task. My solution was to incorporate it into a bat file I was launching via remote already that would restart GBPVR if it was having any issue. Since the batch file already killed and restarted GBPVR I just added a step in between that would kill powerdvd. I am sure there are better ways but this made since/easiest for me because I could use an already existing remote function.

    @echo off
    for /F "tokens=1,2,3 delims=: " %%i in ('tasklist /V') do (
    	if %%i==PVRX2.exe (
                    if %%k==Console (
                          taskkill /F /PID %%j
    pskill HuluDesktop.exe
    pskill PowerDVD8.exe
    sleep 5
    psexec -d -u USER -p PASSWORD "C:\Program Files\Devnz\GBPVR\PVRX2.exe"

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