Sub or someone,

I have a problem with 1.5.36 which is consistent and repeatable, but for which I have no explanation.

I run NPVR as a window, and (until recently) it worked fine. I didn't notice this until I applied the patches for 1.5.36 the other day, so maybe it is related.

Every time I minimize the window, the picture goes away, and the TV Guide screen is all that is displayed. At that time, nothing will bring the channel back except stopping the entire program and restarting. I have tried doing a "Stop" (from the menu), but even that will not allow the channel picture to return.

And, even though the video stops, the sound continues.

If I try to select the channel - or any other channel - from the TV Guide, there is no response. It just blinks and acts like it can't connect. I did it 3 times this evening just to create the attached logs.

Also, occasionally, simply resizing the window will cause the same behavior - but NOT always.

I don't know what else to do but send you this and see if someone knows what's up.