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Thread: Roku channel for NPVR with Search & Schedule

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    i have batch cmds to check if it's running, but what you need is a que to add file to if it's already running..that way it'd be processed when current one is complete..
    but i bet you'd be better off jsut using a faster ffmpeg encoding line, as ffmpeg can handle more than one at once..
    hmm,i just thought of a utility i could make to enable anything to be run as a single process, with subsequent runs waiting for first one to finish before starting
    i'll upload it if i get it done here in next few days...[could be handy for other things comskip,etc..]
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    Roku not playing stream

    Looks to me like the Roku client channel for npvr never really took off, but I do like my Roku and am trying to stream Npvr recordings. I am able to record through npvr on my computer, and when I try to play through the Roku it looks like the recording is there, but when I click to "play now" it seems to end instantly. I can't get the recording to play on the Roku.

    I see the .MP4 video file there, on the computer with npvr but it simply won't play from my Roku.

    Any ideas?


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    I hope somebody sees this, I know it is old. I have the same problem, the file shows up on Roku but when played nothing happens. Has there been any fixes to this problem?

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