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Thread: NEWA in Safari browser on IPhone

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    NEWA in Safari browser on IPhone

    I know this has been discussed in other threads.
    I would like to hear if anyone, with success, have NEWA working in Safari-browser on iPhone.
    I can see my Tvguide, but if I want to record a program and safari tries to open the record-popup window, it just crash.
    It does not look like Androidfolks have the same problem.

    I can't change Newa-theme in safari because i can't scroll in the "Config-tab"

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    I can do it without issue. The scrolling in the frames is terrible on the iphone though.
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    Yea....don't know what is with Safari but it doesn't like the standard HMTL, CSS and Javascript that NEWA uses but is recognized and supported by FireFox, IE and Chrome without issue.

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