Recently I dug into my stats think I see an issue where users are having trouble in one way or another.

I was wondering if Ultra users (or even interested parties) could chime in and tell me what is wrong...

Out of 175 registrations, only about 15-20 of you are using it on a daily basis. There are others that have not used it for a week or so, telling me you likely run it manually.

Then there are those that tried it and then didn't use it after that. At all.


Too difficult to install?
Too confusing? (Too many docs?)
It crashed, and you didn't have the patience to see if it could be fixed?
Online registration a deterrent?
Ultra version 1 working just fine...?
It's summertime - GB-PVR what?
Something else?

I'd like to know what I should do. As much as I really appreciate the support I do have, it might not be worth the effort of working any further on the project, if there aren't enough interested people.

All responses are welcome. If you prefer not to be in public, PM me.


BTW. I did find the nagging locking problem, and will be releasing the patch really soon...