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Thread: Still can't record any QAM

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    Still can't record any QAM

    I'm still trying to figure out why only 1 machine is having trouble with QAM tuners. I've got nothing but 0 file sizes with my HDHR and HVR2250. I've got the latest drivers (none work) and latest firmware for the HDHR.
    Here's where I am----I can watch live tv with these tuners but sometimes, I get a black screen and no sound but if I switch to another QAM channel it works so I can switch back and then the first channel works as well.
    I don't understand what 'failed to locate filter' means but here's what I see:
    2009-07-03 16:06:23.754 INFO About to attempt QAM tuning via USB HDTV-GT Tuner
    2009-07-03 16:06:24.269 VERBOSE FindFilterByName failed to locate filter: USB HDTV-GT Tuner
    2009-07-03 16:06:24.269 VERBOSE FindFilterByName failed to locate filter: USB HDTV-CR Tuner
    2009-07-03 16:06:24.269 VERBOSE Created instance of 'USB HDTV-CR Tuner'
    2009-07-03 16:06:24.269 VERBOSE ServiceID: 1, PMT PID: 49, VPID: 2048, APID: 2049
    2009-07-03 16:06:24.269 VERBOSE SubmitTuningRequest() complete
    I've also tried firewall and virus tweaking and it doesn't make any difference. These tuners work in WinTV 7 and Media Center. I'm running W7 RC1 but running the same thing on system 2 and the HDHR and HVR1600 tuners work just fine.
    Logs attached....thanks.

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    This FindFilterByName messages are normal when you're using a HDHR, and can safely be ignored.

    Ignoring the HDHR for now, since more can go wrong with it, create a c:\temp directory, and add the following registry setting:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Devnz\LogPSIProcessing =2 (DWORD)

    That try recording from the HVR2250, then zip and post the c:\temp\psi.log file.

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