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Thread: combined NMT and SAT reciever

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    combined NMT and SAT reciever

    Dunno if this of interest to anyone, but i'm using an AZbox HD elite. Its basically a NMT and SAT receiver in one. The NMT part is based on a sigma chip thats very similar to the PCH.

    Its firmware is only in a Beta state, but it could be of interest to some of the developers here.
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    It's more a media extender then NMT, but I am sure the work I've done for the PCH would work on it. The issue is people pay the premium for having the satellite receiver, and I don't think they'd want me disabling that access to run GBPVR. The older Dreamboxes were much the same way I could run mvpmc on one, because they had compatible hardware, but then it wasn't a Dreambox anymore.

    The developers for this type of box are likely program more in the Dreambox, Topfield app world and maybe even the mips-based router environment than what I've done with emulation mode.


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