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Thread: zap2xml missing prime time?

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    zap2xml missing prime time?

    I've switched back to zap2xml from mc2xml, but that is another story.

    zap worked like a charm for a few weeks, but tonite I notice that prime time shows seem to be missing, tried update, clearing then update, etc, no luck. I look at the zap2it website and the data is good there, but not in the xml file.

    I know not specific to gbpvr, but I can't seem to find the issue anyplace else.


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    There's a "cache" subdirectory that you can try deleting before clearing and updating the EPG. Also make sure you're using the latest zap2xml version.
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    Took too long for me to get back on this, sorry. But clearing the cache seems to have cleared things up. Thanks for the help!

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