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Thread: Client Improvements

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    Client Improvements

    Sub, as I start to bundle up the release with next round of NMT client improvements, I thought I'd summarize some of the things that I think would make the client experience better. It is really pretty good now, but I think these could make it great. I know you are busy so if you can keep them in mind that would be great too.

    Suggested things to look it for the next version of GBPVR

    - OSD updates from GBPVR can come 4 times in a row without a break, so it would be nice to minimize the number of times they are sent. Hitting pause or skipping highlight the problem well. Maybe on a skip don't send the OSD with the current position, wait for one update post skip?
    - Switching from Analog to Digital Live TV doesn't work.
    - Switching A/A D/D and D/A work fine for me on one tuner, but reports that switching tuners might cause problems.
    - HD-PVR LiveTV is very inconsistent, data is not being provided so server side stops streaming.
    - HD-PVR Time reporting is different on the PCH and PC. PC duration is reported to be correct
    - The Live TV prebuffer does not seem to work properly for TS streams

    Wishlist for long term improvements

    - Incremental updates for OSD, update the time on the minute might help,
    - Search use remote keypad
    - Separate live TV pre-buffer for SD and HD, buffer by size not time, time doesn't deal with device initialisation
    - Provide audio and video pids for live TV streams, should improve performance and help "tricky" stations.
    - PCH equivalent for Ctrl-O, maybe provide more information about the file?
    - More accurate file duration based on sampling near end of file.
    - Indexing while recording to provide accurate timeline and ignore PCR, text file with second file offset could work. Alternatively post-processing can create accurate indexes if a format is defined, maybe Erik can add this to comskip?

    Note these are all deficiencies on the MVP too and I would bet even the PC client would benefit from improved live tv logic.


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    Quote Originally Posted by mvallevand View Post

    - The Live TV prebuffer does not seem to work properly for TS streams

    Is this the problem I've got where the stream fails at the start of each new program (on a PC client)?
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    Excellent Post! Wish and your dream could come true! :-)))
    Hopefully Sub would need to have more spare time to work on this!
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