Sub, as I start to bundle up the release with next round of NMT client improvements, I thought I'd summarize some of the things that I think would make the client experience better. It is really pretty good now, but I think these could make it great. I know you are busy so if you can keep them in mind that would be great too.

Suggested things to look it for the next version of GBPVR

- OSD updates from GBPVR can come 4 times in a row without a break, so it would be nice to minimize the number of times they are sent. Hitting pause or skipping highlight the problem well. Maybe on a skip don't send the OSD with the current position, wait for one update post skip?
- Switching from Analog to Digital Live TV doesn't work.
- Switching A/A D/D and D/A work fine for me on one tuner, but reports that switching tuners might cause problems.
- HD-PVR LiveTV is very inconsistent, data is not being provided so server side stops streaming.
- HD-PVR Time reporting is different on the PCH and PC. PC duration is reported to be correct
- The Live TV prebuffer does not seem to work properly for TS streams

Wishlist for long term improvements

- Incremental updates for OSD, update the time on the minute might help,
- Search use remote keypad
- Separate live TV pre-buffer for SD and HD, buffer by size not time, time doesn't deal with device initialisation
- Provide audio and video pids for live TV streams, should improve performance and help "tricky" stations.
- PCH equivalent for Ctrl-O, maybe provide more information about the file?
- More accurate file duration based on sampling near end of file.
- Indexing while recording to provide accurate timeline and ignore PCR, text file with second file offset could work. Alternatively post-processing can create accurate indexes if a format is defined, maybe Erik can add this to comskip?

Note these are all deficiencies on the MVP too and I would bet even the PC client would benefit from improved live tv logic.