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Thread: Best 36"-42" LCD TV to use with PC?

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    Best 36"-42" LCD TV to use with PC?

    Hey folks,

    Long time lurker and gbpvr user, first time poster.

    I'm looking to upgrade my display from a 23" Olevia (which works surprisingly well when connected to my PC) to something in the 36" - 42" LCD 1080i range. I also intend to use it for basic computer purposes and for PC games.

    I figure quite a few of you must be using displays that size -- do you have any recommendations for screens that work well or personal experiences to recount?


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    I got a Philips 47" LCD 9604H a couple of months ago when Philips had a 300 euro cashback drive + a store discount, so it was almost 1000 euro rebate.
    I am extreamly satiesfied with the picture quality.
    I handles analog cable TV so good that it is better that digital TV
    HD content and HD TV is amazing in quality.
    Philips makes the best LCDs
    Best Regards

    Antec Fusion case with Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-SH, AMD X2 4850e, 2GB RAM, AMD780G Onboard graphics. WinTV-PVR 150 MCE (With FM), Twinhan DVB-T, 750GB + 250GB HDD. Windows XP Pro SP3, MCE 2005 Remote, 29" 4:3 monitor and a 47" Philips 9603H LCD

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    You might want to try the avforums website - lots of info and reviews. Can be quite techy tho.

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