I had everything working fine but had to re-install Windows XP.

I could not remember which decoder I had installed but the video did not look great so I installed Nvidia Purevideo (it still does not look as good as before).

Anyway, I have an audio problem (either using "system default" or the nvidia for audio decoder). The audio works fine in live, it even works fine if I start a recording and then start to play back while it is still recording (from pending que), but after it is stopped (cancel from pending), the audio is very low volume and has a weird, high frequency "stringing" type of sound. (Hard to describe).
Live sounds fine. Pause live and watch playback works fine. Only after a recording and trying to play that messes up.

Also, if I play the recorded .mpg in WMP11, it has the same audio issue.

I am running PVR-150 and latest GBPVR. Sound via SB Live Value card.