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Just in case anyone else needs the answer it turns out that you need to disable media centre receiver in the services to get it to release the card as a source for set-up. If you just stop the service it automatically restarts it. Took a while to figure that out but once I disabled the service the source was able to scan and I'm all good.
I posted above that I ran MCE 2005 without disabling any services. I'm in the process of building a Vista Ultimate machine (includes Vista Media Center) with GBPVR, so I thought I'd see what happened if I just copied my MCE 2005 installation of GBPVR into the Vista machine and add the same tuner cards used in the MCE 2005 machine.

I've only been running the new Vista machine a few days, but it seems to be working just fine - still without disabling any Media Center related services.

I did not set up new sources from scratch, so perhaps it's necessary to disable some services when using config to install new sources.