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Thread: hauppage pvr 350 and driver for win xp 64

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    hauppage pvr 350 and driver for win xp 64

    Hi all,

    I have a hauppage pvr 350 and I have just installed windows xp 64 bit.

    Does anyone if there exists a 64 bit driver for the pvr 350 ? Has anyone got gbpvr to work with pvr 350 in xp 64 ?

    Thanks in advance

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    I don't think hauppage make XP 64 bit drivers for any of their cards. They do however make Vista 64 bit listed under XP/Vista 32/64. I use these for my Nova-T-500 but you have to do it the hard way and ignore XP telling you the driver is not for this version of Windows.

    Open device manager and find the card and click on update driver but dont let it do it automatically, select driver from list and point to the extracted driver and it should install and work.

    I think it's about time hardware manufacturers recognised that 64 bit is over 6 years old now and they should be providing adequate support. Mind you even MS do not provide a 64 bit media player and they tell you you cant use live messenger but you can with a bit of a workaround its just an installer bug which they dont seem to want to fix, strange. I think 64 bit OS's are a great improvement on 32 bit and maybe if a few more people made the change manufacturers would have to support it.
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