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Thread: Hauppauge! 45-button Remote Custom Buttons

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    Hauppauge! 45-button Remote Custom Buttons

    Is there a way to make the remote run keyboard commands? For example on the emulators like ZSNES, could you make a key on the remote (such as 1) mapped to save the current state of a game (in ZSNES you do F2 to load and F4 to save).


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    Attached is a file that shows how to send keystrokes using the irremote.ini file in your windows directory. You can use this to setup keystrokes like you wanted. The only issue is that most of the keys are already mapped to something in GBPVR so you either need to reassign something or use a key that is rarely used, (like one of the colored keys).


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    it would be possible to add a program group to irremote.ini for zsnes so that you have one profile for gbpvr and one for zsnes.
    The only problem I have found is with mame. As the program is identified by the window name (e.g. pvrx2, or zsnes) but mame windows are always named differently for each ROM (e.g. mame - 1942 or mame - ridge racer) making it imposible to have a 'mame' program group defined in irremote.ini.

    have a look at c:/windows/irremote.ini with notepad and you should be able to figure it out along with the useful document from the previous post.
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    Give this remote configure application a try. You should be able to add zsnes as a profile and configure the buttons as you please.

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